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Josh had always wanted to make a porn video with his fiancé Jessica. Watching big pussy was one of his biggest fantasies! Josh thought that Jessica would enjoy it too, but he had always been a little too shy to ask. He had been trying to figure out a way to ask her for days and finally, it came to him. Josh decided that he would take Jessica out for a night of heavy drinking and then ask her when she was drunk. He knew this plan wouldn’t fail him.

“Do you want to go out drinking?”, Josh asked Jessica.
“Sure. I’ve had a long day. I could definitely use the night to let loose”, responded Jessica.

The two of them went to take showers and get dressed for a night out in the town. They went to the local bar down the street and ordered two beers and two shots of rum. Each of them downed the shots and chased them with their beers. “Two more shots please”, Josh said to the bartender. As soon the shots came, the couple downed them again and asked for another round. Josh knew that Jessica was a light weight so after the third shot of rum he asked, “how do you feel about making a porn video?”

“You want sex? Now?”, asked Jessica. Before Josh could answer Jessica said, “let’s go!”

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As soon as they got home, Josh retrieved his video camera and placed it where it would catch all of the action. Jessica walked over to Josh and started to caress his cock and balls through his pants. She could feel it getting hard so she unzipped his pants. Jessica whipped out Josh’s dick and immediately got down on her knees. Josh could tell that she was buzzed because she aggressively started sucking his cock.

While she was going down on him, Josh began undressing her. With Jessica’s top off, Josh was playing with her tits; switching from playing with her nipples to squeezing her big breasts with both hands. After a few minutes, Josh was ready to fuck. Josh grabbed the camera and led his fiancé into the bedroom. “Lay down”, said Josh.

Jessica laid down and Josh got on top of her. He started by teasing Jessica’s clit with his throbbing dick-head and then slid it right in. Josh loved how tight his wife’s vagina was. He wasted no time and began fucking her like a rabbit. Jessica was moaning loudly and playing with her tits while Josh beat-up her big black pussy. He stuck his big cock in pussy and pulled it all the way out. He kept going in and out, in and out.

Then Josh picked up the pace and fucked Jessica harder than ever. It was so hard that you could see red smack marks on both of them from slapping their skin so hard. Josh was about to cum and said, “here I cum”. As he busted a big load deep inside Jessica, he could feel her big pussy start oozing the cum too.

Sticky: Nothing Gets My Sex Drive Going Like a Good Blues Band

This was exactly how I and my husband first met. We were on the concert of a local blues band and we hooked up there that night. He laughs sometimes and says that I would never be with him if I didn’t become so emotional after blues and rock band concerts. All those emotions turn me on and I am far more acceptable to the idea of having a real porn like sex. That is exactly how we did it the first time.

The local band was playing and I enjoyed the show. The songs were amazing and I got absolutely emotional. I cried and I just wanted for somebody to hold me. Then I met Donovan and he approached me and hugged me. I didn’t know him, but we started to sway to the music together. As the music went buy, I noticed that I was holding a very hot and firm body against me.

So I began inspecting it with my hands. Donovan followed my lead and we sort of started feeling each other up, still swaying to the rhythm of the music. At last, I looked up, only to meet his amazing eyes and we kissed. It was one of those kisses that promise an amazing sex. Therefore, we didn’t waste any of our time and we escaped to the toiled. We jammed the door behind us and started undressing right away.

We were restless and we were so absolutely horny. The cubicle was small, so we had to improvise. I sat Donovan on the toilet seat, pulled up my skirt and took off my panties. He took out his big and hard cock and began to stroke it with one hand. With the other, he inspected my pussy, smearing the juices that it began producing all over it. All those juices served us as a natural lube, so I hopped on his cock and it slid inside my twat instantly, without any friction.

I was so horny at that moment that I could have stuffed two cocks of that size inside me easily. I leaned on my legs and started doing the movements that resembled squats, so that I could slide up and down Donovan’s cock. He helped me, by pushing me and pulling me to himself, holding me by my hips and at times, grabbing my butt fiercely. Once Donovan felt that I was about to cum, he did something really daring. He took his finger and stuck it up my ass. It felt amazing and it helped me cum instantly. Once he felt my body cramping in his arms and with his dick inside me, Donovan wanted to cum as well. I hopped off his dick and he spilled his jizz in his own hand.

That was the first time we ever had sex. That was, actually, the first time we ever met. The sex was amazing, like some amateur porn video and the blues band became our favorite one. We still keep fond memories from that concert.